Friday, February 02, 2007

Silver Linings and the Super Bowl

Yesterday we should have been in Cayucos. Instead, we remained in Fresno and that allowed me to experience some real silver linings:

*Witnessing the baptism of Christina Parra. Christina has been visiting Woodward Park for some time as a guest of Cheryl Rowe. Christina is pregnant with twins, was hospitalized earlier this week, and upon her release decided it was time to become a disciple of Jesus by being immersed.

*Received a phone call telling me I'd won a special drawing at SportClips as a result of filling out a survey following my haircut on Wednesday. I love SportClips...nothing passes the time of getting a haircut like being able to watch ESPN.

*Tori and I got to spend some quality time together. It's not often little sis gets to do something fun that big sis misses out on, but last night, Tori and I made it to the Fresno State/Hawaii game while big sis hung back to help out with mom. We saw a stinker of a game (the Warriors won 54-42, forcing me to rescind my prediction that the 'Dogs will beat Nevada next week) but had a blast together.


What's your Super Bowl pick? Having lived all my life in the Eastern and Central time zones, I'm used to missing the first half of the Super Bowl due to the evening assembly. In the West, the game begins at 3:25, meaning it's the second half that runs alongside the assembly.

Thank you, DVR.

Do you take Chicago's defense prowess or Indy's offensive machine? I'm banking on Indy's defense playing as strong in the Big Game as the playoffs, a minor miracle in the turnaround compared with the regular season.

Colts - 24, Bears - 10.