Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trading Places

Till next Tuesday, the girls and I have traded out a Mommy for a Grammy!

On Wednesday, Tori, Mandy and I trekked up to Sacramento International to put Mandy on a plane to Jacksonville, Florida. Ironically, my mom arrived into Sacramento at the same gate from which Mandy was leaving.

The excitement on Tori's face as Grammy made her was down the escalator was priceless. Trae didn't get to see Grammy until Bible class at church on Wednesday and, once again, the reunion of a grandmother and her oldest granddaughter was precious to behold.

I count myself especially blessed because of the influence of my parents. My dad has a work ethic out of this world. He has instilled in me a desire to achieve, to perform to the best of my God-given ability, and to sacrifice for the sake of my family. Much of who I am is a result of the effort of my dad and I appreciate him dearly.

My mom has instilled in me a love for Jesus. From the nights in our swing as a child, she sang to me and told me about God. She made God real for me in a way that has eternally impacted my life. My faith in rooted in the love of a mother for her son -- a love that radiated Christlikeness in every way.

For the next few days, we'll miss Mandy but we'll make some new memories and have a blast with Grammy!