Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Walk This Way, Part Two

Yesterday, I shared with you about a walk I had with Trae on Monday evening. The very real way the passing of Christina and Esteban's baby affected me one week ago today has forced me to reevaluate some priorities in my life -- especially with regard to the investment of time I make in my girls.

Last Sunday, one of the dads in our church confessed his struggle in prioritizing his life in order to spend more than adequate time with his daughter. Last night at Prime Time, he and I visited shortly and he shared, "You know, she's already nine years old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Her time in our home is already half-over."

Thanks for all your honest email feedback to yesterday's post. Here's just two I want to share with you this morning. The first from a dad:

"Hey, just wanted to email you to thank you for the Blog this morning. It was something I needed to hear. Our children are with us for such a short time of their lives and we give them so little of our time."

And then this one from a mother:

"Loved your blog today and the excerpt from the book. I believe it is almost impossible to talk too much to your children. For all the mistakes my husband and I have made as parents we talk as long as they want to talk to us at night before bed. My memories of summer vacation include all of us crawling into our bed (good thing its king sized) and talking and laughing until after midnight when my husband and I would have to tell them 'we gotta get up in a few hours' and they would go on to bed. At a time when so many of our friends would say they hated summer break with the kids home we were always the opposite. We loved them being home together, no homework, time to be kids for a few months. We sacrificed sleep and time because we loved being with them. We can catch up on our sleep when they are gone. An elder once told me 'you only get one chance to raise each child.'

I was blessed with a mom that talked to me always and is my best friend. Lots of love and listening. When Trae is a teenager these early years of listening to her will help you understand her when she may not be as willing to tell you what is in heart. Like Mary (the mother of Jesus), cherish these things in your heart."