Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Retro Summer

So it was just over two months ago that summer break began in earnest. And since that time, there have been two beautiful weddings to perform, two wonderful Vacation Bible Schools to teach, one First Principles Day Camp and one Yosemite Bible Camp and one Tahoe Family Encampment.

And, oh yeah, one long overdue vacation with the girls -- the first full-fledged family vacation in two years. Our summer Sabbath at Shaver Lake was outstanding. We slept late. We swam, check that, the girls swam (I'm getting old because the water was just too cold for me!). We played Trivial Pursuit and Battleship, we threw darts and watched movies, and we ate ice cream every afternoon. We made memories as a family as we refreshed ourselves in the beauty of God's creation. For you natives, Shaver might be old hat but for us, it is still amazing to live just 50 miles from what seems like a whole other world, tucked away some 5000 feet up in the mountains where the air is clean and cool.

It's been a full, memorable summer highlighted no doubt by the growth to the kingdom. Each encampment, each Bible school, each teaching opportunity was a blessing to plant kingdom seed. And God blessed our watering and planting with a growth to the tune of 17 baptisms this summer!

To God be the Glory!