Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The L.A. media is speaking this morning as if it is a foregone conclusion that Alex Rodriguez will join Joe Torre and Don Mattingly in Dodger Blue next year.

And with that, the overwhelming question seems to be, "Will the Dodgers sell out all tickets for all games before the season begins?" The Red Sox do it each year, in a stadium with 20,000+ fewer seats. Should the Dodgers pull it off, with the star power of A-Rod playing in Tinseltown drawing over 4.5 Million, it will re-write the definition of "big market" in baseball circles.

As Bill Plaschke theorizes in this morning's LA Times, a changing of the guard is happening in LA, with the Dodgers (adding Torre and A-Rod) on the verge of lapping the Lakers (who will soon lose Kobe Bryant) in terms of star power.


Mandy is teaching the 2's and 3's class during the Fall Quarter on Wednesday nights. Due to a schedule change to accommodate the Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat tonight, we moved our midweek to last night.

So, last night when Mandy and I were putting to Tori to bed, we went through our usual routine of reviewing with her what she had learned in Bible class. This quarter, Mandy is teaching the kids about creation -- how everything finds its origin in God's power. As a part of the class, Mandy has taught the kids the "Days of Creation" song.

Last night, Tori put a new slant on Day Four. The real words go like this: "Day four, day four, God made the sun, moon and stars galore."

Tori's version? "Day four, day four, God made the sun, moon and stars...good Lord!"

Have a wonderful Wednesday!