Thursday, November 01, 2007

2007 Harvest Fest/Trunk or Treat Extravaganza

Last night was a wonderful extravaganza of fun and fellowship at the annual Family Ministry Harvest Fest at Woodward Park. This year, we moved the festivities from the Lane's house to the church property and it was a great success. I counted from memory 220 members who participated, not counting visitors and guest.
This first picture from last night captures my darling daughters. Tori dressed up as Dorienda the Cheetah Girl and Trae dressed up as "Mandy in the Morning."

Dorienda and Macee Boggs exchanging a hug and a smile for the camera.

My favorite picture from last night! Kerry Avedikian, circa 1970, and my beautiful bride.

And finally, Mandy and a hopeful convert.

It was wonderful to hear Trae say last night as we tucked her into bed, "Daddy, this was my favorite Halloween ever!" Innocent costumes, fun fellowship with our church family, loads of candy, and a night of outreach all wrapped together.