Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday in San Francisco Recap

Sunday was a real treat! Trae decided to join me on the day-long journey to the City by the Bay. We arrived in Pleasanton (home of John Madden) to preach for the Pleasant View church on Sunday morning. Pleasant View is located at the 580 and 680 maze, one of the most heavily traveled sections of freeway in the entire Bay Area. There were 55 in attendance on Sunday morning for the assembly.

From there we made a hurried exit and headed across the Bay Bridge into the city. The Chinese church meets in the University of Phoenix building, located within the shadow of AT&T Park. we could literally see the first base grandstand from the front door! There were 36 in attendance there and though Trae and I misunderstood some...most of the language, we very much enjoyed the fellowship.

We were treated to lunch at the home of Daniel Hung, the minister for the Cantonese-speaking church in the city. Daniel and his family had invited other members of the church to lunch and so a hungry crew of about 25 gathered inside their home to share a meal and fellowship. As we waited to eat, Trae was challenged by some of her new friends to a game of Connect-Four.
Following lunch, it was off to Twin Peaks (pictured above, double-click to enlarge). Twin Peaks in the highest point in the city of San Francisco and provides a birds-eye view of the entire Bay Area. It was very windy and quite chilly but the views are breathtaking.
From Twin Peaks, we made our way to Mitchell's, a must-see Ice Cream place in the City according to Ice Cream connoisseur, John Wiegand. After woofing down some waffle bowl hot fudge sundaes, it was back to Pleasant View for the evening assembly and a look at the elusiveness from hope as conveyed in Luke 24.13-15.
From the start (5:15 a.m.) till the finish (9:50 p.m.), it was a full day but one I wouldn't trade for anything. Three sermons, two churches, wonderful fellowship, and a day with my oldest is good...because God is good!