Friday, November 09, 2007

Sunday in San Francisco

It is an honor to preach for the largest congregation of the Churches of Christ, numerically-speaking, on the West Coast. But with that privilege comes a responsibility to minister to and encourage smaller, struggling congregations.

This Sunday marks a unique privilege in fulfilling that responsibility. On Sunday, I'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area to preach on Sunday morning and evening at the Pleasant View Church of Christ in Pleasanton. The church meets at the advantageous cloverleaf of I-580 and 680, one of the most heavily traveled sections of freeway in all the Bay Area. And yet, the small congregation of faithful disciples there struggles with the overwhelming task of how to reach the lost. On Sunday, I'll speak twice on the theme of hope in the hope the Word of God will provide a hope infusion to the church there. Among the triune virtues of faith, hope and love, it is hope that is often relegated to second-fiddle behind faith and love. But it is hope that keeps our faith afloat and it is hope that provide the true motive for love. Sunday, I hope to make hope very, very real to that church family in the face of their awesome, near overwhelming calling to discipleship.

On Sunday afternoon, between the assemblies at Pleasant View, I'll be privileged to speak to an assembly of Chinese Christians in the city of San Francisco. Their assembly is held in the Cantonese language and will require my message to be shared through a translator. After the assembly, Dim Sum is on the menu (pictured above). The Chinese church in the city numbers about 35 and it will be a real privilege to be a part of their assembly on Sunday.

Certainly, I'll miss being at Woodward Park. For the last 15 months, I have met every Sunday with anticipation at each opportunity to speak to the Woodward Park family. I am glad Fresno is home and am glad to be a part of what God is doing in the Central Valley. But for this Sunday, it'll be a privilege to fulfill a responsibility to be a part of what God is doing in the Bay Area as well -- among people of all races and ethnicitys, languages and backgrounds.