Wednesday, June 11, 2008

14 Wonderful Years

Today, Mandy Carole Williams Gardner and I reach a milestone...14 years of marriage. I can remember 14 years ago today so vividly. Our wedding in Rick and Keeley's front yard in Sheridan, Arkansas, with the faint sound of cows moo'ing in the background.
It was so simple. It was so quaint. It was, and is, so wonderful!
There's a whole lot of sentimental things I could share today, but I think I'll reserve those reflections of my heart to my bride of 14 years. In the mean time...
Thanks, Mandy. For being who you are. The many faces above capture just a bit of the essence of what you bring to my life. Thank you for balancing me by making it fun when I want to make it serious. Thanks for reminding me of my commitment to my family when I over-commit to everyone but. And thank you for respecting me when I didn't deserve it and following Jesus with me on this amazing journey of ministry.
Happy Anniversary, Honey.
I Love You!