Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Don't forget.

Sunday at 11:00 a.m. PST (that's 1:00 for all of you in Alabama) the Fresno State Bulldogs will make their 4th ever appearance in the College World Series at legendary Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.

The opponent? The Rice Owls, a perennial power in the world of college baseball. However, the last time Rice came to Fresno, the Bulldogs took a broom to the Owls in a three-game series.
As was the case with the Long Beach Regional, IF the Dogs can just win game one, look out. They're on a big-time roll. Can they keep it rolling?

Wednesday night saw one of the most memorable baptisms ever. I have had the privilege of providing premarital counseling for Darren Tuttle and Jaimee Erwin. Darren and Jaimee are to be married one month from yesterday.

Throughout our counseling sessions, we've dug deeper than normal into salvation texts because of Jaimee's background. Jaimee was sprinkled as a baby and held to a heritage of faith loosely throughout her formative years.

But on Wednesday night, following a three-hour Bible study session Wednesday evening, Jaimee was welcomed into the family of God through baptism. And what made it super special was her fiancee, Darren, baptized her.

From Shelby and Liz two weeks ago to Justin and Jacky last weekend to Sam and Sally this weekend to Darren and Jaimee next month, wow, could life at Woodward Park be any better? See ya, summer slump. Hello, summer surge!

Thank you, Lord!


Morgan Bowden challenged me last Sunday morning. In light of this coming Sunday as Father's Day, Morgan challenged me to speak to father's in a way reminiscent of the way we honor mother's. Morgan's point, aptly stated, was that we tend to shower mother's with love and gratitude while we tend to give father's a swift kick in the seat for all their shortcomings.

I have accepted Morgan's challenge this week and found it to be, well...quite the challenge! Outside of God, who in the Bible is lauded for their fathering skill? As this op-ed piece in Monday's USA Today by Oliver Thomas notes, the Bible is not chock-full of glowing models for dads.

I've got my message finalized for Sunday -- a positive slant on a less-than-positive example -- but I'd love to pick your brain. If you had been on the receiving end of Morgan's challenge, who would you profile as the ideal father from Scripture (and no, God doesn't count)? Who in the Bible strikes you as the ideal, positive father-figure? Email me your suggestions at