Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Eve of Tahoe

For those of you who followed my vacation with Rick, you'll recognize the bobblehead to the left. The infamous C.J. Wilson bobblehead -- the same one that brought us such good luck on our vacation -- headed back to Cambodia with Rick and Gail.

Here's a picture of C.J. hanging over the bow of the Ship of Life, gazing into the Mekong River.

After C.J.'s stellar outing on Wednesday afternoon, when he offered up a three run jack to Carlos Quentin, I emailed Rick and told him to toss C.J. into the Mekong.

As a longsuffering Ranger fan, it would be nice to know what Angels' fans know when K-Rod comes in and slams it shut so quickly.

Of course, it could be worse. The Rangers could have Ryan Franklin trying to close games (sorry for the dig, Cardinals fans).


My blog this week hasn't exactly gone as planned. With the annual Tahoe Family Encampment kicking off tomorrow night, the prep time for Tahoe has superseded blogging.

As a minister, there are two things I strive to never do: (1) I do not self-promote in the hopes of landing future speaking engagements. My philosophy is that God is perfectly capable of arranging for me to preach where He needs me to preach. (2) I do not "wing it" when an opportunity does come but strive to put as much preparation into each secondary speaking opportunity, such as Tahoe. That's why this week has seen a decline in blogging.


I am grateful, though, for all of you who took time to email me regarding my keynote presentation. The assigned topic of "God's Answered Prayer" is so broad that the topic and I have been engaged in a non-stop wrestling match all week. So many of you, in response to Monday's plea, have taken time to email me your faith infusions in back of God's response to your prayers. Your faith has boosted my own and I deeply appreciate each of you who shared.

On the way to Tahoe tomorrow, I am dropping the girls off at the Sacramento Airport to fly home to Arkansas for 24 days with grandmothers, cousins and friends. We'll catch back up in Arkansas for my dad's birthday following a speaking engagement in Alabama. Keep them in your prayers for safety on their journey.

I'll try to blog periodically from Tahoe.