Monday, July 28, 2008


Greetings from smoky Lake Tahoe. The get-away from the smog-filled, smoky air of the Valley is usually met by the pristine, clean air of the Mountains.

Not this year. Apparently, the smoke from the Yosemite fire is filtering northeast and has been hanging like a pesky haze over Tahoe. On Saturday, it was so thick the lake wasn't visible on the decline into Tahoe Valley.

The smoke hasn't put a damper on the Encampment, though. The theme of "Things that Can't Be Shaken" and that reality in the unshakable Kingdom of God has been riveting. It is wonderful to allow the Word of God to shake us with the reality that God Himself nor His Kingdom can be shaken.


Although he pitches for an AL West rival, and despite the fact that it came against my beloved Rangers, Brad Ziegler did something record-breaking on the day of the Hall of Fame inductions in Cooperstown.

You can read Ziegler's accomplishment and get a glimpse into his faith here.


Weeks like this are great for reunions -- a foretaste of the great family reunion to come for all eternity around the throne of God.

Tonight, I was privileged to have dinner with Cory and Joelle Holman. I performed their wedding ceremony just over a year ago on Mare Island in the Bay Area. My heart swells in knowing that Cory and Joelle are making a difference in their new home at San Luis Obispo through their involvement and leadership at the Johnson Avenue Church of Christ in SLO. Cory has redesigned the church's website and you can get a glimpse of his work here.


Tonight's my keynote on "God's Answered Prayer." I'm going to give this broad, assigned topic a stab. Thanks to all of you who've emailed and shared your own personal experiences. I have been blessed by the evidences of your faith and our God at work in your lives.