Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Friday

Trunk or Treat '08, with my wife (aka Soccer Mom from Alaska) with Joe the Plumber.

Trae (a 70's hobo) and Tori (Sharpay from High School Musical) with Trae's good buddy from school, Madison (Dorothy from Wizard of Oz).

The Hobo and the High School Musical Drama Queen

Trae and her cross country coach (and recent visitor to WPCoC), Ms. Lange. Maple Creek brushed off Liberty yesterday to finish the season (4th grade girls, at least) undefeated!

Trae hustling down the homestretch in yesterday's season-ending meet at Liberty. I know this will come as a complete shock to you, but I was very proud of my daughter and her effort this year. She consistently finished between 9th and 18th in her meets, always in the top 25% (except the day a girl stepped on her shoe at the starting line and she ran the entire way without one shoe).
Have a great weekend.
Oh yeah, Tulsa by 14 over Arkansas in a shootout; Fresno State by 3 over Louisiana Tech on a 59-yard game winning field goal by Goessling.