Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Always Come Through

Alright, you can cease fire on your theories of 1 Peter 3.19-20. My email inbox was flooded yesterday with all kinds of insight on this very difficult passage. I will share my thoughts on Monday (don't want to give it away before Sunday).

I knew I could count on you. You always come through, even if this last one took a little guilt trip to get you there.

I know this next request won't take quite as much arm twisting.

Yesterday evening before Bible class, I received a gut punch phone call from my good friend, Rick Treadway, an Elder in the church at Sheridan, Arkansas. Rick called to solicit prayers for Kim and Lynne Metheny and their oldest son, Matthew.

Matthew had been diagnosed with leukemia some time ago. He'd undergone chemo treatments and it seemed as if the leukemia had gone into remission. But, unfortunately, it returned with a vengeance. On Wednesday, the family was summoned to the hospital by the medical personnel and the news was grave.

When I worked in Sheridan as Youth Minister during my college days, Matthew was in elementary school. He was always active in our Pew Packers and various other children's ministry. Matthew's parents are two of the sweetest, most genuine Christians I have ever known.

It breaks my heart to know the battle they now face. So, I'm asking you today to carve out some time to pray specifically to God for the Metheny family. They need an army of prayer warriors in their corner right now...and I know I can count on you to come through.

Thanks a million.