Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You're Letting Me Down

Typically, when I ask for participation from my friends throughout blogdom, you come through in a big way. When I throw out a challenge, you usually fill up my email inbox with all kinds of great ideas.

But Monday, when I solicited some insight as to what in the world Peter means about Jesus preaching to the spirits in prison (see the post immediately below this one), your response was, in the words of Jimmy Allen, "silent as the tomb."

Take that back -- I did get one email reply from Gary Villamor. The best he can recollect, this was last addressed in a class in 1967 with this strirring point: "Peter says what it means and it means what he says."

That might have worked in '67. It doesn't work for me 41 years later.

So, before I unveil to you my thoughts, I'd sure love to hear yours. My email inbox awaits your best stab at it ( or