Friday, October 03, 2008

Football Friday

Sorry for the absence of some meat to chew on this week. I've been brain-dead attempting to recover from the Spiritual Growth Workshop.


Dear Gary, John, Michelle, Joe and Erick,

Please forgive me for presuming the Cubs' jinx would end this year. Please forgive me for underestimating the power of the Blue. Gary, as you mentioned in an email to me following my correct pick of the Arkansas/Texas score: "even the prophets of Baal occasionally got on right."

For a guy who invests an inordinate amount of time and money watching baseball all summer long, my Division Series picks sure do not reflect that reality.

I promise to never doubt your Dodgers again!


Having confessed my ineptitude in the MLB Division series, take these picks with a grain of salt.

Fresno State -- 52
Hawaii -- 10

Florida -- 52
Arkansas -- 10

Have a great weekend!