Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Live for This

Yesterday's post was a little too Nostradamus-like, ridiculously claiming unusual prognostication ability on the basis of one game. For the sake of full disclosure, I did predict the 2008 Major League baseball season before it began...with far less success.

Here's a sampling of humble pie.

AL EAST: I picked the Red Sox, who did win the AL Wild Card. I wonder if anyone dared to pick the actual AL East champ, Tampa Bay. Still a shocker.

AL CENTRAL: I picked the Tigers, who finished last.

AL WEST: The Angels were the pick and the Angels did win in the easiest division to forecast.

AL WILD CARD: I went with the Mariners who just finished off the worst season in MLB.

NL EAST: The Mets choked on the final day for the second year in a row.

NL CENTRAL: I went with the Brewers, who captured the NL Wild Card.

NL WEST: My pick of the Diamondbacks looked great until they decided to tank down the stretch.

NL WILD CARD: The Cubs actually won the division.

Not that it matters a lick in view of the misguided season picks, but here goes a shot at the division series that begin today:

NLDS: Brewers over Phillies -- recently, the last team in has been hot in the playoffs.
NLDS: Cubs over Dodgers -- sorry Michelle and Gary, but destiny lives at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues in the Windy City.

ALDS: White Sox over Rays -- the last team in theory at play here.
ALDS: Angels over Red Sox -- recent history says go with the Red Sox. But I have to sit by Steve Thurman tomorrow night in seminary class.


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