Thursday, October 16, 2008

God and Vision

Yesterday, I posted the following on my Facebook status: "Jim is wishing he would have invested in the Rays rather than the Dow."

Everything was set up so beautifully for a Series with a myriad of intriguing story lines. Just think of the possibilities.

Dodgers versus Red Sox. The return of Manny to Boston in a World Series. Joe Torre returns to Beantown as a Dodger rather than a Yankee.

Or what about this one? Rays versus Angels. Joe Maddon back in Anaheim where he'd helped nurture so many of the current Angels.

Or even this one? The freeway series: Angels versus Dodgers.

Instead, it looks as if it'll be the upstart Rays of Dick Vitale versus Harry Kalas's Phitin' Phils.

During the 6th inning of Tuesday's game, the announcers noted that the preseason odds of Tampa Bay winning the World Series were 50,000:1.

If we only knew then what we know now.


What is Jerry Jones's infatuation with players by the name of Roy Williams?


Here's something to chew on today. How do you account for the activity of God within the vision of a local church family?

I know the Bible says that without vision the people perish and so a dream is an essential element for a healthy, vibrant church. Yet, the temptation is often to place measurable benchmarks to evaluate the progress of the church toward the fulfillment of the vision.

But how does a church account for the activity of God in that? Paul writes that God is able to do much more than we could ever ask or imagine. So how does a church imagine its future and account for the "Hound of Heaven" (C.S. Lewis) who actively pursues the lost Himself?