Friday, November 07, 2008

Football Friday

Before we get to Football Friday, take some time and read this opinion piece in Thursday's Fresno Bee by syndicated writer Cal Thomas. It is spot-on and an excellent analysis of the role of the church should play in rising above the power structures of the state. I appreciate Morgan Bowden's text message about Thomas's article and his note that Thomas seems to be echoing many of the strains we've been thinking through at Woodward Park in our study of First Peter.

In all honesty, I'd missed reading this during our morning routine on Thursday. Mandy spilled her coffee all over our Thursday morning Bee and the op-ed section didn't survive (funny how only the Home Depot circular survived the drenching!).


It's Friday and the Bulldogs -- the mediocre, underperforming Bulldogs -- actually play in an ESPN game against Nevada.

We had tickets. We gave them away. We're going to Jason and Serena's wedding.

And we don't expect to miss much. Never has a team with more preseason hype done less to live up to expectations.

Colin Kapernick goes off tonight and Nevada rushes for 400 yards. In another wacky WAC game: Nevada -- 41; Fresno St. -- 31.

Tomorrow in Columbia, South Carolina, Bobby Petrino's Hogs face Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks. In contrast to the Bulldogs, the Razorbacks have far surpassed every expectation this year! The Hogs are within 3 points of being 6-3 (and the three definitive losses were to Texas, Florida, and Alabama). Arkansas has improved light years from the season-opening escape against Western, Central, Eastern, Southern Illinois (it was one of those directions, I promise).

The Hogs play tough on the road, but the Fightin' Chickens eek it out: South Carolina -- 20; Arkansas 13.