Wednesday, November 12, 2008


If you live in the Bible Belt, most likely you've vacationed a time or two in an area affectionally dubbed "the Redneck Riveria." Stretching from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Panama City, Florida, the beaches of the Gulf Coast provide warm water, beautiful sand, and amazing sunsets. I think back with the fondest of memories of the times spent along the Gulf Coast with family and friends.
The only real problem was it took a good eight hours to drive there from Arkansas.
So you can imagine the blessing the central California coast has become to me and the girls. We have fallen in love with the little coastal hamlet of Cayucos. Only about 1500 residents live in Cayucos and it is a slow-paced, "un-tour-isty" place where you can park at the Cayucos Beach Inn and walk for the remainder of your time. No big commericalism (just antique stores) and no chain restaurants make Cayucos a throw-back, and a great getaway for my family.
And the best is it's just two hours from our home!