Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Week of Thanksgiving -- Tuesday Edition

Trae nestled among the Sea Lion statute outside of Pier 39

The innocence of my oldest, killing time before lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe on the Embarcadero by coloring. Our table was next to an aquarium wall. This was one of the few moments I caught Trae seated before our meal arrived. Most of the wait, she was exploring the animals and the environment of the Rain Forest Cafe.

In front of the Wax Museum of San Francisco's rendition of the Sermon on the Mount. Incidentally, Tori was too scared to tour the Wax Museum so she and I sampled Ghiradelli chocolates while Mandy and Trae toured the Wax Museum.

Trae is mid-flip on the bungee jump at Pier 39.

And another glimpse at her adventurous spirit hurling down a ride at Discovery Kingdom that flips its riders upside-down (Trae is in front, left as you look at the picture).

Dear Trae,

As if anyone couldn't tell by the pictures, you are an adventurous one! You love to explore, to search, and to hop on amusement park rides that spin and twirl and flip. By nature, sitting still is not your strong suit because you're afraid you'll miss something. That adventurous spirit of yours has certainly made life fun! Your daring spirit has provided me experiences I would've been too scared to enjoy, if not for your impatient, "Come on, Dad. It'll be fun!"

With you, life is never dull. Your creativity turns ordinary days into extraordinary experiences. I love you for your imagination, your artistic abilities, your innocence, and your love for exploring.

Affectionately, I call you my "tom-boy" because you love sports and getting dirty. Maybe that label fits...or maybe it doesn't. I couldn't help but notice as I posted your pictures here that your sweatshirt says, "Daddy's Girl." Come to think of it, that's the label I like best. I like it best because of the joys I have coaching your basketball and softball teams. I like it best because of how we spend every Sunday morning together at church, just me and you, before anyone else arrives. I like it best because for the last ten years, God hasn't only given me a precious gift in you, he's given me a little buddy whose made life a lot more fun and fulfilling.

I could go on and on about how much you've impacted my life, but I'll close with this: on this week of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful to God for you, my Trae-girl. Of all your passions, always be sure God is in the very center of everything you do.

I Love You,