Monday, December 22, 2008

Grammy -- The Greatest Gift

So we've been cooking up this little surprise for our girls and trying to keep the secret for almost three months. That surprise was having Grammy fly in for Christmas and spend Trae's entire Christmas break with us.
Grammy flew in Friday evening, about nine hours later than scheduled. I went to FYI to pick her up while Mandy had the girls prep'd for the surprise. When Grammy and I got home, Mandy had the girls seated on the hearth. I had the girls close their eyes and told them they had a big Christmas surprise. Grammy came in with a Santa hat singing a Christmas carol and, before the girls even saw her, their priceless expressions unmasked their joy. In our own excitement, Mandy and I forgot the camera/video to capture the moment, The image of it, though, is safely locked away in our memory banks.
Now, to set the scene a little more, last Monday at our Staff Christmas luncheon, our associate minister Joe (knowing my Mom was coming but not fully realizing the girls didn't know), asked Tori, "When will your Grammy be here?" Without skipping a beat, Tori answered, "In the summer!"
So you cannot imagine our delight and laughter when, after hugs and happiness Friday night, Tori announced to all, "I am so glad it's summer!"
Saturday, to get into the Christmas spirit, we took the short drive up to 5000' and Shaver Lake where at least a foot of snow remained from last week's winter storm in the Sierras. As you can see, Grammy, the girls and the sights of Shaver are fabulous.
On Sunday, I was privileged to speak with Grammy in the audience. What used to be a weekly event I took for granted doesn't come around as often do the distance that separates us. But when it does, it is so special.
Dad, thanks for sending Grammy our way! Grammy thanks so much for coming! Your presence this Christmas is the greatest present we'll receive!