Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Manic Monday

The State of California is out of money and the State Controller announced on Friday that tax refunds would arrive in the form of IOU's from the state to the taxpayers.

So, could a taxpayer owing money to the state attach an IOU with their return and mail it off to Sacramento?



Today is a manic Monday because early tomorrow, I'll join my good friend Eli Hooper on a Southwest flight bound for Lubbock, Texas. I am honored by the opportunity to speak at this year's Sunset International Bible Institute Lectureship. You can find a complete schedule of the program here. It'll be great to renew acquaintances, to discern more the plans and processes required for the creation of a West Coast branch of AIM, and to be with Dale and Lauri Mannon. Every time I'm in Lubbock, I stay with Dale and Lauri. Dale was my Youth Minister in Junior High and has been a life-long mentor. He's currently involved in a wonderful ministry preaching for the Greenlawn Church of Christ in Lubbock while serving as an Adjunct faculty member at Lubbock Christian University.


Trae's basketball team couldn't offer their coaching deficiences (yes, I am the coach!) and lost by six points on Saturday. But it was great fun! I am a big fan of Upward Basketball and its focus beyond ultra-competitive athletics for children. The integration of spiritual nurturing into sports is a wonderful idea and has already provided a great blessing to my daughter and the other girls on the team.


"Apathy can only be overcome by enthusiasm and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things. First. an ideal which takes the imagination by storm and second, a definite, intelligible plan for putting that ideal into practice" (Arnold Toynbee).


Here's a little Presidential Inauguration History, courtesy of Sunday's Fresno Bee, of which I was unaware. Did you know the longest inauguration speech in history was delivered by William Henry Harrison. His speech, some 8,444 words, lasted so long that a brisk wind brought with it rain during the midst of the prolonged speech. As a result, Harrison contracted pneumonia and died one month later (the shortest presidency in history).

What a warning to all long-winded speakers, huh?!


Finally, since I'll be out the remainder of the week, here are the two syllabi for the graduate courses I'll be taking this spring: Biblical Interpretation and the Gospel of Luke.