Friday, January 16, 2009


The logo on the left represents the newest way for me to spend my idle time. For baseball fans, the wait between the end of football season and opening day seems like an eternity.

Not anymore!

Thanks to start-up of the MLB Network (that's channel 213 for all you DirecTV subscribers) baseball buffs like me can get the "national past time, all the time!" Thus far, I've been captivated by Don Larsen's perfect game in the '57 Series and the nightly Hot Stoves dissecting off-season player movements. I've been re-captivated by Ken Burns's epic series on Baseball, originally shown on PBS.

If you're a baseball fan, do yourself an off-season favor and give the MLB Network a look. It lives up to the hype and delivers on its promise.


Speaking of athletics, Trae has her first Upward Basketball League game tomorrow morning. I have grown to appreciate the Upward program very quickly. Each practice involves a 10-minute break for Bible devotions and Scripture memory work. The halftimes of each game involves a devotional for spectators.

It should be fun tomorrow...if Trae's little team can overcome their coaching deficiencies!


Andy tells me over 85 kids are signed up and ready for this weekend's Winter Retreat to Yosemite Bible Camp. The weekend should be awesome. The weather's great. Eli Hooper will do his usual phenomenal job. And lives and futures should be changed as a result.

Keep our kidos and their chaperones in your prayers this weekend.


Finally, today is a "circle of life" day, so to speak. There are two funerals today for loved ones of family members at Woodward Park. Following that, there's a visit to the nursery at Clovis Community Hospital to welcome George and Brandy's little baby boy.

And in the middle, an opportunity to spend an hour volunteering in Trae's classroom, grading 4th grade spelling, reading and math tests.

Hope your weekend is blessed. Keep dreaming and praying big!