Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday!

Happy Fourth Birthday, dear blog. It was February 25, 2005 when I fired off my post from the secretary's desk at the Village Church of Christ. Now, four years later, this blog that has become a dear friend, a therapeutic outlet, and at times a source of consternation, is still up-and-running. Thanks to all of you who drop by, who care to email with comments and suggestions, and who support my ministry through prayer and words of encouragement.

With that, I thought I'd solicit some input today. What themes do you most enjoy reading here? For the regulars, you know my blog is often a mix of faith-based issues, family, and sports (especially baseball). Which theme(s) do you find most enjoyable? Shoot me an email today at and share your feedback.


Funny, but since leaving the Bible Belt, I have not had to deal with the "persons of significance" who thought it their place to censor the content of my blog.

That has been refreshing.


So, have you Woodward Park'ers accepted the 48-hour challenge of no TV?

Let's see, you're probably thinking, "We're being asked to fast for 24 hours beginning every Tuesday evening and now forgo television for 48 hours this week. When is it going to end?!"

I'm grateful for this time calling us to deeper discipleship and the consideration of how our routines rob us of golden time with God and with our family.

The last two nights have been so enjoyable for us. No TV has meant no time restrictions on our devo time. It has meant a 30-minute neighborhood walk to share and rehearse the day together. And it has meant games of Connect Four and Pretty Princess (yes, I do play and do wear the jewelry, but you'll never see pictures of it!).

I hope you've found a special blessing in your family the last two days by altering your routine to spend more quantity time together.