Friday, March 13, 2009


One month from today.

Howard Mountain Hunting Lease on the border of Saline and Garland Counties in central Arkansas.

I can't wait!


This weekend provides a junction of ministry endings and beginnings for us at Woodward Park. Today, we conclude our 40 Days of Prayer journey and it has been a fascinating trip. God has moved and worked among us during these days. To a person, no endeavor at Woodward Park in the last 3-plus years has generated more positive feedback and across-the-board involvement than our 40 Days of Prayer. We'll do it again, soon. Thanks to all who participated so diligently and faithfully.

Sunday, we welcome Jerry and Lynn Jones to Fresno for the Marriage Matters Seminar. It is a chock-full, four-day schedule that promises to bring immense blessing to all our marriages. Mandy and I had the pleasure of participating in this Seminar in 2006 and it continues to bless us through the relational skills we learned.

Here's what I wrote back on March 1, 2006 following our time at Jerry and Lynn's Seminar in Texas: "Can I give you a piece of advice this morning? If Jerry and Lynn Jones are ever in your area to present their Marriage Matters Seminar, run(!) don't walk, to participate! I have been blessed to sit at the feet of a number of skilled marriage counselors: Joe Beam, Paul Faulkner, Carl Breechen, Adrion Hickmon, and Lew Moore among others, but for content and depth, it's hard to beat what the Jones's offer."

I look forward to seeing you all Sunday through Wednesday.