Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dancing Queen and More

I never envisioned spending beautiful spring Saturdays inside an Auditorium for events like the Showbiz National Talent Dance Cup. In fact, that wasn't even on my fatherhood radar screen!

But it's been on Tori's radar screen since she was three. As the daughter of her mom, she is 100% little girl, through-and-through.

And so Saturday, during the midst of the one time of the year when I really enjoy watching basketball, I found myself spending the bulk of the day with Mandy and Trae cheering on Ms. Tori at the Saroyan Theater.

Tori's little dance team, performing to the theme of Disney's Hercules called "Zero to Hero" captured a first place award for their age group and division.

And daddy was very proud.


Three weeks from today, my five-day Arkansas Spring Turkey Hunting License kicks in. From Monday, April 13 through Friday, April 17 I will be deep into the timber on the Howard Mountain Hunting Lease bordering Garland and Saline counties, doing my best to entice and fool an old Tom.

The girls will be flying home on Monday, April 6th and I'll fly in on Thursday, April 9th, affording a day of scouting in advance of opening day (Saturday, April 11th). I can't wait for that Saturday -- just me and my dad in nature all day long, that is, unless we can fool a Tom off the roost and into range for my dad at daybreak.

On Easter Sunday, I have been invited to speak at two very dear churches to me. Sunday morning, we'll be in Sheridan at Mandy's home congregation and Sunday evening, it's Northside in Benton, my home congregation. I'll look forward to seeing many of you back home on that Easter Sunday.


"Somehow, about 40% of churchgoers seem to have picked up the idea that 'singing in church is for singers.' The truth is that 'singing is for believers.' The relevant question is not 'Do you have a voice?' but 'Do you have a song'" (Donald Hustad)?