Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook Frustration and the Final Four

Frustrated with the new design of Facebook? Upset with the updated layout? Looking for the good ole days when Facebook was so simple and easy to navigate?

Remember your own difficulty to warm up to change with something as insignificant as Facebook the next time something changes at your church.

We struggle with inconsequential changes...imagine the difficulty for our spiritual ancestors who struggle with changes they weigh with eternal consequence.

Change is a chance to show great compassion and exercise great grace.


When it comes to Marriage and Family Seminars, Jerry and Lynn Jones are unmatched. I was blessed to spend ninety minutes over breakfast with Jerry this morning and my life and ministry are better for it.

I know our marriages and families at Woodward Park are better as well. Wherever you may be today, do yourself a favor and beg your Elders to invite Marriage Matters to your congregation ASAP.


My Final Four picks:

Pittsburgh, Louisville, North Carolina, and Memphis with the National Championship returning to Chapel Hill (but all bets are off if Ty Lawson doesn't get well).