Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball Musings

Was that really Carol Hinton -- THE Carol Hinton -- splashed on the front of this morning's Fresno Bee sports section? Seems the wife of one of Woodward Park's esteemed Elders entered Chukchansi Park last night as the 5 Millionth fan in Fresno Grizzlies history. As a result, Carol got to the throw out the first pitch and, in the future, gets to take batting practice with the team, gets to help work a radio broadcast, gets to operate the manual scoreboard in right field for a game, and gets to have Parker the Mascot serve as her personal assistant for a day.

How 'bout Parker as a guest for VBS, Carol? Now that'd be a hit!

And to think, if Terry wasn't such a gentleman, allowing his wife to enter the turnstile before him, he'd have been the 5 Millionth fan!


While thinking baseball, imagine this: the Texas Rangers offense and the San Francisco Giants pitching staff morphed onto the same team.

Would that bunch be unbeatable or what?