Monday, April 27, 2009

College Small Group

I love, love, love the college students of the Woodward Park Church of Christ!

Several months back, I was invited by Matt Beene, Matt Phillips, and Steve Powers to join in their quest to provide a more dynamic ministry to our college students. For some time, the college students and newly married, young professionals at Woodward Park have met as one group. It became apparent that the two had very different life circumstances and needed settings that allowed for each group to foster deeper, more connected fellowship.

About eight weeks ago, we began meeting on Sunday evenings in homes following the evening assembly. My family committed to host the college small group (18-22 year olds). That "small group" is not-so-small anymore! Last night, we had a houseful of 27!

Among the plethora of benefits, one of the greatest is the blessing my girls get each Sunday night to participate in singing praises with a houseful of beautiful voices. We leave our doors open in hopes the melody will bless our neighbors! My girls are privileged to watch people they admire and look up to sing, pray, and study God's Word.


From the 45 minute brown bag fellowship, to the 45 minutes of praise and prayer, to the frank Bible discussions, opening our home to our college kids has made Sunday night the highlight of my weekend!

Thanks, gang, for your love and commitment to Jesus! Each one of you is such a blessing to me and my family!