Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ranger Reds

1 down
161 to go.
Call me superstitious but I think it had a lot to do with the red uni's.
Sometime on Monday, my good friend and Angel fan, Steve Thurman, sent me a disparaging email about how the Rangers ripped off the red uni's from the Angels.
Pardon me while I review a bit of history.
From 1995-1999 (the greatest five year stretch in Rangers' history), the Rangers wore red as the dominant color. When Tom Hicks bought the team, among other things, he switched the team's primary color to blue.
Meanwhile, out west, the Angels reeling from embarrassment during the Disney era shelved their blue uni's with the Script A and the very-Disney looking wings for a carbon-copy of the Rangers' reds.
Yesterday was simply a return to roots.
And the results looked vaguely familiar to 10 years ago.
Good offense.
Great pitching.
Stellar defense.
"Hello, Win Column!"