Thursday, April 09, 2009

Delighting in God

Don't wake me up.

And don't pinch me if it isn't real.

For the first time in nine years, the Texas Rangers have begun a season 2-0.

The offensive run production has been typical. Nelson Cruz is a man-child. Elvis Andrus is defying expectations at the plate.

The pitching has been uncharacter-istically strong. The team looks excited, the passion and energy is evident, and the future looks wonderfully bright. I know, I's just two games. But it has been nine years since a long-suffering Ranger fan could begin the season with such optimism.

Hey Rick, wish you here! I can't wait till that 3-game series with the Red Sox in the Palace in July!


Do you have a relationship with God? Or do you have a relationship with the blessings of God?

That question has riveted my attention since Wednesday morning. On Wednesday morning, I was blessed to share in the officiating of a funeral service for Louise Allen, a member of the Woodward Park church.

Just prior to our coming to Woodward Park, Louise was baptized into Jesus. She made an atypical commitment to Jesus after she had turned 60 years old. As we learned during the funeral service, the first major event in Louise's life following her baptism was a cancer diagnosis. In the time I knew Louise, her physical health was constantly ravaged by the cancer that afflicted her.

But it never afflicted her faith.

How is that possible? How is it possible a new disciple of Jesus can be dealt such a painful blow immediately after becoming a Christian, yet live with an unyielding faith?

As I've thought about it since Wednesday morning, I can only conclude that Louise truly had a relationship with God. For her, the blessings of following Jesus included eternal promises, even if the immediate path of her life was rocky and rough. Her steadfastness came not from a faith in God's blessings, but from a faith in God.

Today, ask yourself, do I delight in God's goodness or do I delight in God? Is my relationship with God based solely on His blessings to me or do I recognize that there is no greater blessing than knowing God?