Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night reflections

Hey Detroit, thanks for pinching me and waking me up from the mirage. Surely a 3-0 start was too good to be true. That was three excruciating losses, the last just gut-wrenching.

But hey, the Rangers are undefeated at home and returning to the Palace for seven straight.

Is 10-3 through 13 asking too much?


Saturday, the birds didn't cooperate, but it was 16 fantastic hours -- just me, my Dad and God's creation.

It was a perfect day.

Until Sunday.

Preaching back home in Sheridan and Benton were wonderful experiences. My life has been blessed by an unusually large number of encouraging friends. Sunday reminded me just how much one Man's resurrection can continue to impact lives 2,000 years later. I shutter to think of life without the immediate, eternal bond within the family of God. Sunday reminded me just how deeply and profoundly those bonds have formed my life and ministry.

Thank you, Sheridan and Northside, for wonderful worship alongside you!

Today, in back of Sunday's epic rainfall, is a day devoted to family and friends in need. Tomorrow through Saturday morning, it's all turkey hunting, all the time.