Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day Camp - Day Two

A great week just keeps getting better. 48 were present on Day Two of First Principles Day Camp. We spent the day looking at the solution to the problem of sin -- Jesus Christ! Since Jesus is the Son of God, his death and resurrection changes everything, including our position before God.
We had a wonderful lunch, expertly prepared by Al Avedikian, Brenda Bethel, Michelle Knutsen, Arlo Ro McCreary, and Pam Reddell.
Following the Bible study and lunch, we had fun playing games in the yard, including kickball. We also enjoyed "The Pirates who don't do Anything" on the church big screen.
Today, Day Camp concludes with the faith response to the work of Jesus. We'll talk at length this morning about repentance and baptism. Following a really great lunch, with a special guest (pictures to come tomorrow), it's an afternoon at Cal Skate. Then, later this evening, the first big highlight of the week as one of the kids, and hopefully the first of several, is reborn in baptism.