Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Camp - Day Three

Travis and Jonathan (or is it Richard?) gearing up for the final day.

One of the greatest smiles at Day Camp - Matthew Watkins.

Always good to twist and sway with a Lord's Army to begin the day

The crew looking up a Bible verse. We hit 50 kids for the final day
(43 on Monday, 48 on Tuesday)!

Making an emphatic point, that apparently Corben didn't find to be as profound as was
mugging for the camera.

Lunch was provided by Sonya and the great folks at Riverpark Chick-fil-A on Wednesday. We even got an appearance from the famous CFA cow. With the voice of "Eat More Chikin" is Sydney, one of our great college kids who helped during Day Camp.

Before lunch, we got some great group shots with my favorite hero.

And then it was off to Cal Skate, where Trae and Andrei helped
Julia with her first attempt as skating.

Even Tori got in on the skating.

Robynae - one of my all-time favorites!

Derek and Zack grinning big at Cal Skate.

Carlie (aka the CFA mascot), another one of our great college kids, who helped out.

And then the capper, an event that makes an exhausting three days like
First Principles Day Camp all worth it, as a Daddy asks his daughter
the most important question she'll ever be asked.

And with her confession of Jesus as the Son of God, Allie is baptized into Jesus!
Without question, First Principles Day Camp 2009 will go down in my memory as the best one ever. Granted, it was the first time that I looked out over the camp and saw my own daughter in the group, which alone made the last three days extra special for me.
But beyond that, being with the other kids and watching their interest in Jesus and salvation rise is hard to describe! Each day they came with their homework completed (all done the night before with their parents). To listen to their answers and to discern the evident growth of their young faith over just three days' time was invigorating! The discoveries of their young hearts are birthing a love for Jesus that was last a lifetime.
And what better way to finish it all off than a dad and his daughter together in a baptistery?!
Moms and Dads of Woodward Park, thank you for sharing your children with me for the last three days. Their attitudes, their young hearts' desire to learn of Jesus, and the manners to every volunteer was exemplary! You have much to be proud of in your children!