Sunday, June 21, 2009

YBC - Day One (Father's Day Edition)

An early Father's Day present - Grady gets to baptize his son, Grant, into Jesus. What a great way to kick-off YBC '09.

Allie, Mutt and Jeff

Shiloh, Amanda, Rachel, Andrei, Grace, and Hannah

Julia, Trae and Madison
YBC '09 is off to a fantastic start! John Etherton, camp nurse, reported getting a full night's sleep without a single interruption! That is huge! Not a single child or their counselor awoke the nurse on the first night with a stomach ailment.
The theme for camp this year is "Rise Again: Destined for His Glory." Mike spoke on "Help, I'm Sinking" from Matthew 14 and riveted the attention of every camper and counselor. No one will look upon a "life preserver" in the same way again. We know for certain Jesus is our only life-saving device.
Grant Lane reached for the life-saving grace of Jesus and was immersed by his daddy, Grady. It was a phenomenal beginning to what promises to be a great week at YBC.
Dear Dad,
Happy Father's Day! Thank you for every single sacrifice you've made for my life and faith. I am where I am today because of the goodness of my Heavenly Father and the graciousness of you, my earthly father. Your example, your wisdom, your love and your friendship are one of my most treasured possessions. Spring turkey hunting together on Howard Mountain is one of my most treasured memories. Thanks for teaching me what a sacrificial daddy is -- not only with words, but with your example! Thanks for showing by being you a glimpse of our Father in heaven.
I Love You, Dad!